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    This digital news outlet is the fruit of the evolution of a personal adventure that has been transformed into a collective endeavor. The blog, Generation Y, created by Yoani Sánchez, helped grow the alternative blogosphere in Cuba and became a must-read to understand daily life in the island. Ten years later, with over one thousand posts and more than one million comments, that personal blog inspired the creation of a space to practice journalism.


    We are Cuba’s first independent digital news outlet. Through serious, responsible and objective journalism, we are making it our mission to report on our country through moments of profound changes. We continue to reach an even greater number of Cubans each day as well as prepare ourselves for a day in which, with freedom and without censorship, our community of readers can read us freely through their computer screens or purchase a print edition at the newsstand around the corner.


    Those who are a part of 14ymedio are committed to the truth. We are a team of mostly young and diverse reporters driven by a strong mission and the desire to excel professionally.

    Yoani Sánchez, Director

    Philologist and journalist. Founded 14ymedio to continue down the path she embarked on when started narrating her life in Havana through her blog, Generation Y, and the use of social media.

    Reinaldo Escobar, Editor in Chief

    Journalist for over 40 years. Has worked for state media, for international outlets as a freelancer, as the editorial director for the digital magazine Consenso, and producer for the multimedia show Razones Ciudadanas (Citizens’ Reasons). He has a blog called Desde Aquí (From Here), and has celebrated his 70th birthday as the editor in chief of this news outlet.

    Miriam Celaya, Columnist

    Anthropologist and independent journalist. Is passionate about Cuban politics and society. Considers that being part of 14ymedio is having the “privilege to create, from within Cuba, a space of genuine freedom of expression together with enthusiastic and very capable colleagues”.

    Pedro Campos, Columnist

    Historian, former diplomat, resides in Havana. He has studied political economy and international relations. A pacifist supporter of democratization. Enjoys playing dominoes. Collaborates with 14ymedio because it is the “ideal outlet to communicate ideas”.

    Luz Escobar, Reporter

    Has been a part of 14ymedio since it was founded. Enjoys writing about social and cultural topics through in-depth reporting and interviews. Is the mother of two schoolchildren and believes that her work in this news outlet can contribute to “creating a better society for them in the future.”

    Marcelo Hernández, Reporter

    Originally a shepherd, he decided to become a journalist after being trained in political propaganda by the Young Communist League. He hides his true identity with a pen name and continues to live in Cuba because he wants to see “the final scene of the movie.” Has two children and would like to be a comedian.

    Bertha Karolina Guillén, Reporter

    From Candelaria, in the province of Artemisa. A full-time mother, studies social sciences and likes investigative journalism. She lives in the “countryside” but has a wifi hotspot in the front porch of her house, located by the town park. Enjoys writing about social and cultural topics. She is a part of 14ymedio because it is an outlet that “offers a unique perspective about the Cuban reality”.

    Ricardo Fernández, Reporter

    From Camagüey, but now lives in Pinar del Río. He is a member of the Apostolic Movement, where he created a weekly bulletin about the Christian faith. Being a part of 14ymedio has allowed him to “grow professionally as a journalist” and “evolve as an individual”.

    Zunilda Mata, Reporter

    She would have preferred to become a pianist and, in spite of having studied music, Zunilda created this pen name to “become a journalist”. She prefers to write about culture, but does not forego the opportunity to comment on everyday life in Cuba. There is no one in the team who can beat her at chess. She is a vegetarian and practices yoga.

    Daniel Delisau, Editor

    From Las Palmas of Gran Canaria. Graduated with a Bachelor in Journalism from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Tries to be aware that the very foundation of his work relies on facts. He’s very surprised that his colleagues at 14ymedio call him an island guy but do not consider themselves islanders.

    Ernesto Santana, Reporter

    More of a novelist and a poet than a journalist. Baseball is his way of detoxing from everyday worries. That is why he writes about baseball for this news outlet. He is the winner of the Alejandro Carpentier National Novel Award in 2002 and the Franz Kafka Award in 2010.

    Sol García Basulto, Reporter

    Lives in Camagüey. Trained as an artist, is now an independent journalist. Enjoys writing about sociopolitical topics and dreams of the “free transmission of thought in Cuba”. She is a part of 14ymedio because it is an “honest digital news outlet that writes about the truth without censorship”. Studied Art History at the University of the Oriente in Santiago de Cuba.

    Yosmany Mayeta, Reporter

    From Santiago de Cuba, but now resides in Havana. Covers daily news in real time, reflecting Cuban reality through his articles. Believes that 14ymedio is “the best place to write about what is happening in Cuba”.

    Rosa Pascual, Editor

    Bachelor in Journalism from the Universidad Complutense of Madrid and a Master in Journalism from El País. Has worked at El País as a journalist and an editor in its International section. Has been taking care of 14ymedio since even before it was launched to make sure that our readers can receive the very best content. Loves books and film, and continues to dream about writing about them forever.

    Mario José Pentón, Reporter

    Graduated cum laude in social communication from the University of Cienfuegos en 2010. Worked for several years as an elementary school history teacher. Served as a Marist brother in Cuba and Guatemala. He now lives in Miami and also writes for el Nuevo Herald.


    Our digital news outlet does not receive funding from governments or political parties. We founded 14ymedio in 2014 thanks to a group of friends who contributed from their personal finances to launch the project. We now generate revenue by our own efforts through branded content and sponsorships, events and advertisement. We have also created partnerships with academic institutions and syndication agreements with other news publications. Our membership model will become another source of self-generated revenue that allows us to diversify our funding sources.


    We believe that transparency is the foundation of any free society. That is why we want to show our readers how much money we spend on operations, where our money comes from, and how much is needed to do the work that we do.

    Do you have any questions about our finances?
    Feel free to reach out to us at contacto@14ymedio.com
    We will gladly answer them.


    We prefer to report the news instead of becoming the subject of the news. But we do occasionally share what others are saying about our work.